A Student and Parent's Guide to

Office 365

Logging into Office 365

To log into Office 365 and access applications like Outlook and Teams you will need to know your Office 365 Username and Password.

Usernames for students are their email address. They follow the structure:

Pupil Number@edu.burnabyschools.ca


Passwords would have been issued by the school and are the same as the one they log into the school computers with.

Logging into Office 365 through a Browser

A. Using a browser like Google Chrome or Edge type in the address bar and type portal.office.com

B. This will take you to the login screen.

Enter your Username is: PupilNumber@edu.burnabyschools.ca and then click Next.
(e.g. 123213@edu.burnabyschools.ca)

Note: One common mistake is to forget to add the @edu.burnabyschools.ca after the Pupil Number

3. Now, enter your password and click Sign in.

4. If you have successfully logged in, a window will ask if you want your browser to remember your login.

Note: if you have more than one child logging into the same computer, it is better to answer ‘No’ to this question.

5.  Once you have successfully logged in, click on the left hand menu to choose an application to launch.  e.g. Outlook, Word, or Teams


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